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Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy applies to your download, access and/or use of Gold Brewed Games, whether on your computer, on a mobile device, on our website (the "Website") or any other website, device or platform (each a "Game" and together the “Games”). It also applies to our Marketing and Advertising activities on all platforms and other Services that we will provide to you from time to time including campaigns with influencers. This Privacy Policy also applies to any other Services that we may provide in relation to our Games or our Website, such as customer support, social media, community channels and other websites that we may operate from time to time such as (we refer to all our Games and other services collectively as our "Services").

When you download, access and/or play our Games, or interact with our Websites or other Services you acknowledge the collection and use of your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy, including Gold Brewed’s and our advertising partners’ use of your data for targeted advertising purposes as described in the Marketing and Advertising sections of this Privacy Policy. Those sections also explain how you can opt in or out of the use of your personal information for targeted advertising purposes.

If you have any concerns about providing information to us, or it being used as described in this Privacy Policy, you should not use our Games or other Services.


This Privacy Policy was last updated on 03.16.2024.

Playing our Games

When you download, access and/or play our Games or use our other Services, we collect information about you. Most of this information comes directly from you or your device, such as device information, country, region, and game-play information. We use this information to provide our Games and Services to you, including for the purposes of optimization, preventing fraud, customizing in-game offers and verifying purchases. We will also use it for the other purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, including for Marketing and Advertising purposes.


Most of the information that we collect about you comes directly from you when you play our Games, or interact with our Websites, advertising or other Services. Broadly, the information we collect about you relates to the type of device you are using, how you play our Games (such as levels attempted and purchases made) and will include information that you submit when creating an account with us or which you allow us to access when you connect to your Social Network accounts through our Games or other Services. We will also collect information from advertising platforms and partners and other third parties such as information about your purchases and interests.

In more detail, depending on which of our Services you interact with, we will collect and process the following types of information: information about how you use and interact with our Games, advertising and other Services (for example, information about how and when you play our Games or visit our Websites, what device you use to access our Services or details as further set out in Gold Brewed Profile and playing socially below);
information that you provide us with when you fill in forms, answer questions or complete surveys when using any of our Services, when you create an account with us, including your email address or if you invite your friends to use our Services; in certain jurisdictions, we collect your date of birth and/or your age to comply with applicable local regulations; location information (State or country level) of your device;
the content of messages sent using our chat and messaging systems; if you contact us, for instance through our customer service channels, or respond to messages and communications that we send to you, we will keep a record of that correspondence; your interactions with us on our social media channels; information we collect via cookies and other similar technologies, as explained further below; information as further set out in this Privacy Policy, including Gold Brewed Profile and playing socially, Marketing, and Advertising; information we collect about you from our other Group Companies or other third party companies who have obtained your consent or have another legal basis to share such information with us (including publishing partners, platforms, advertising platforms and partners and data aggregators). This will include attributes about you and your interests, as well as other Games and Services you use, demographic and general location information.

We will collect device level identifiers and other information associated with those identifiers including:

the type of device(s) you are using to play our Games or access our other Services, identifiers such as IP address, device identifiers, ad identifiers, a Gold Brewed-specific player ID, and the country or region that you are playing in; and how you play our Games and interact with our Websites or other Services (such as which of our Games you are playing, your progress through the Games, session time and duration, number of attempts at each level and purchases made).

In some instances, when you make purchases on or through our Websites, we will collect certain payment information from you on behalf of our payment service providers, but this information is temporarily cached in a way that is unreadable by Gold Brewed. Unless otherwise stated we do not collect or retain credit card information. Our payment service providers will provide us with information about your purchases so that we know if a purchase has been successful.

When you purchase items in our mobile apps through the App Store, on Facebook or on Google Play or purchase and redeem gift vouchers for our Games, we do not collect or store any payment information from you.

We will from time to time ask you for your consent to collect other information from you or your device. For instance, we will invite you to allow us to access your contacts to enable us to invite them to play our Games with you. If we do this or something similar, we will tell you what information we would like to collect, why we need it and  what we’ll use it for.

We, our partners and Group Companies, will use this information: to enable us to provide our Games and other Services to you, to ensure that any purchases you make are verified on our servers and activated in the Games, and to provide you with player support if you need it; to enable us to optimize our Games for you and for the device that you are using, as well as to deliver customized in-game events, offers and promotions; for the other 
purposes as set out in this Privacy Policy, including for Marketing and Advertising purposes; and to enable us to comply with laws that apply to us, to prevent fraud, to ensure compliance with our Terms of Use or where necessary to defend, exercise or establish our legal rights including our rights under our Terms of Use.

We will also share your information with third party publishers who develop and provide Games and other Services to you on our behalf.

We analyze and use the information that we collect on a de-identified or aggregated basis for product development, to analyze the performance of our Games, to troubleshoot  and to improve and optimize our Games to ensure the best player experience for our players as a whole.

A more detailed description of some of the ways that we use your information is set out below and in the other sections of this Privacy Policy, including our section containing disclosures for US residents.

Providing and optimising our Services

We use your information to enable us to provide our Websites, advertising and other Services to you and to optimize all of them so that we can make them the best they can be for you and all our players. This will include use and analysis of aggregated data to make sure that our Websites work properly on all devices and are as enjoyable as they can be for all our players.

Analytics and Research

We use analytics tools, which will include third party analytics tools, to collect information about how you play our Games or use our other Services. Those tools will use cookies or other similar tracking technologies. We will use your information to carry out research, surveys or to engage directly with you, for example by sending
you communications (including by email), for these purposes. We will also create reports, analysis, or similar services for use by us for the purposes of research or business intelligence, for example to track potential problems or trends with our Services, or to test out new game features and content.

Legal uses

We will use your information as required or permitted by any applicable law. For example, if you live in the European Union, this includes providing VAT invoices where we are required to do so by applicable law or where requested by you.

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the matters in relation to this Privacy Policy, including to exercise any of your rights, contact us via our customer service at

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